The question I get most often, is how long it takes me to finish a painting. The answer varies from a couple of hours to 'forever'.


If I don't succeed in capturing the essence of an image in the first couple of hours, I will probably never get it right. Then it just winds up in a corner of my studio or ends up as a white canvas again.


I lose interest quickly, if I need to work on a piece for weeks on end, my mind will wonder to the next project or the next beyond that.

Since I have a day job in a corporate function, I can't always afford to work long days or nights on a piece and the change in daylight often plays tricks on me. I am primarily self-taught.

When I create, I don't see gender or color or ethnicity for that matter. What I paint is a certain energy captured in a still, connections frozen in time, snippets of a story, translating my coping strategy for what goes on in the world and in the news. Sometimes two different things entirely.

I didn't willingly decide to be a figurative painter, it's simply who I am and what naturally emerges.

I base my work on source images from popular culture, often in black and white, reminding a dreamlike state or memory. I work mostly with oil paint and liquitex markers, sometimes charcoal and pen, all intertwined.

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